Your favourite day of the week can determine your personality!

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Not all days are created equal. Some are (obviously) better than others. To a certain extent, each day also has its own characteristics. Mondays are often blue, while Fridays frequently take the form of a four-letter acronym (T.G.I.F.). Here is what we think your personality is, depending on your favourite day of the week.

If your favourite day is Monday, you are a fearless, swashbuckling, spirited warrior. While others trudge their way to work/school, you skip, dance, sashay and waltz to your office/school. You are an optimistic and energetic go-getter. Also a bit of of a “weirdo”. But that’s okay.

If your favourite day is Tuesday, you are open-minded, quietly optimistic and naturally able to see possibilities. To you, Mondays are overrated. On Mondays, you’re at least fresh from the weekend. Tuesdays are the real deal. Not only are you far away from the next weekend, the previous one has slipped away as well. If you love Tuesdays,  you are naturally able to celebrate small victories, carve out time to recharge and also enjoy the opportunities that come with each work. You are braver than our Monday warriors. And much rarer.

If your favourite day is Wednesday, you probably prioritise balance in your life. You know that you are not too far away from the weekend, and yet you also know that you have just enough time between now and then to finish your work . Wednesdays are particularly exciting for you because you can actually start making plans for the weekend! As someone who loves balance, Wednesday is also a day you let yourself recharge and relax a little, and prepare yourself to take the next two work days by storm.

Let’s face it: Thursdays are underrated. Often, the anticipation of something gives nearly the same joy as the things itself. By this logic, Thursdays are magical stuff. You look back, knowing you have conquered a mountain, and look forward to the weekend, which is tantalizingly close. If you love Thursdays, you are someone who can find joy in the wait and excitement in the build-up. You snuggle in your bed at night, knowing that tomorrow is… TGI-

The day everybody thinks of from the start of the week. If you love Fridays, you could be several things. You could be someone who loves parties. Or someone who prioritizes fun. Or someone who just needs to curl up and go into hibernation mode. Fridays have inspired many things– cafe names, bars, restaurant discounts, and… songs (it’s Friday, Friday…)

If you love Saturdays, you are a perfectly normal human being. You use your Saturday to relax, spend time on your hobby and go out with your family and friends. Saturdays are amazing because it feels like your weekend has only just started.

If you love Sundays, you are probably someone who lives in the moment and revels in each occasion, without worrying about the past or future. You live in ignorant bliss that your weekend is going to last forever. You are able to ignore the creeping sense that “Tomorrow is Monday”, unlike most human beings.

What is your favourite day of the week?

Oh wait, every day is your favourite day? Then you’re probably in retirement, waiting for school to start, or on a gap year. *guilty face*

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