You’re Going to See Mata Dogs in Some MRT Stations During the Festive Season


Sometimes we see police patrolling at MRT stations and the airport.

And then I start to worry if there’s anything happening in the station and fasten my pace.

I do trust them in taking down the bad guys, but better to be safe than sorry right?

(sheepish grin)

But anyways, if you’re a dog lover, you’re in luck.

Ironically, you should be happy to see public Transcom (Transport Security Command) officers walking around in public transport hubs this month.

They will be paired with an officer from the K-9 unit and a police dog.

But before you start getting excited about patting dogs, this is to warn you that they are working and is in the do not disturb mode.


So please lah, don’t go and ask to take selfies with the dogs.

Security is gonna tighten this festive month at public transport hubs. The police dogs are tasked to sniff out explosives in high traffic flow areas such as the CBD.

The Transcom officers will then be in charge of looking out for suspicious behaviour. If somehow you get stopped by them, just cooperate with the check.

It only takes 2 minutes.

Patrolling duties at each station lasts for about 30 minutes.

This is under the Special Operations Command, as part of the police’s effort to counter terrorism.

On the other hand, if you’re not that a big fan of dogs, Transcom officer Sergeant (NS) Bryant Choo said that they will use themselves “as a form of barrier to separate the dogs from members of the public”.

With December being a month of Christmas shopping and celebrating the new year, the extra patrols sure do make public transport safer and more enjoyable.

Unless MRT breakdown.


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