Someone Made a Map That Provides Alternative Travel Routes with Buses During MRT Shutdown


If you’re unaware, SMRT is scheduled to shut down certain stations on particular days. Timing of train services might also be affected. You can read all about that here.

So yeah, dark days loom ahead. How are we gonna get to our destinations without the damn MRT?

Just when all hope seems lost, a hero has emerged out of nowhere with nothing less than a concise map that details how you can get to your destinations, MRT-less.

Image: Yong Jian Rong Facebook Page
Image: Imgflip

Just yesterday (23 Nov), Facebook user Yong Jian Rong posted a bus route map in Facebook group TATA SMRT.

Image: TATA SMRT Facebook Page

The post has since garnered over 272 shares, and 368 likes and reactions.

Image: TATA SMRT Facebook Page

Many Netizens contributed with bits and pieces of info…

Image: TATA SMRT Facebook Page

And quite a few were appreciative of the venture too.

Image: TATA SMRT Facebook Page

It’s not completed yet

So far, the route map has progressed to V 1.5, but doesn’t seem to be the final product yet.

Therefore, stay tuned to the page, and wait for the final version!

Trust me; you’ll need it.

At least, I know will.


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Featured image: Facebook (Yong Jian Rong)