Beer Expert Shows That We’ve Been Pouring Beer The Wrong Way

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Who can resist Friday, when it’s time to kick off your heels and remove your ties, and breath the weekend in?

And if you’re one who’s all about celebrating TGIF, you’ll remember that beer always, always makes it better.

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You know there’s a classic way of pouring beer into your mug, but what if you’ve been doing it the wrong way all this time? A beer expert’s out to correct all of us. According to him, this should be the way to pour yourself and your buddies a drink.

Keep your eyes on this app and read on. You’ll want to listen to this. Just this once.

It might change your beer-drinking ways.

In the words of Max Bakker who’s the AB InBev Educator (wah, beer beverage also got teacher, don’t play play!) for Master Cicerone, beer has its own distinct sound, just like how it’s got its own taste too.

We also know that beer is carbonated – remember how you always gaze at the bubbles when they float up right after you’ve poured yourself a cold one?

The same gas which can cause some people pretty bad bloating in the tummy. Bakker feels that the carbonation needs to be released into the glass (but, isn’t it doing just that already?).

If you don’t do it properly, the same beer foams going to move up and down your belly.

Annoying stuff, we know.

When you head out for the night, you might notice a beer poured the usual way – the beer server slants it sideways to avoid as much froth from coming up and taking a huge portion of the beer glass.

In his opinion, the server’s sole goal is to avoid any of the carbon dioxide out of your beer mug. It’s all going to be contained inside.

He says ah, that without the foam on top, it’s not truly a beer at all. On his second point, he asks you to picture yourself ordering a plate of nachos to snack on.

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When your first nacho chip hits your belly with your beer inside, it causes the beer to react and give you kinda like a mini volcano inside.

NOW you know why.


Imagine, a bottle of beer contains 2 and a half its amount in carbon dioxide. And that stuff reacting to the food you eat is not a sight you wanna picture, or have inside of you.

Your aim is to have the foam and let the beer overflow if need be. When the beer settles down, it’s going to turn the foam back into beery goodness anyway. Bakker says you’ve just got to pour it down the side with vigour and let it foam.

Basically, break the carbon dioxide on the outside inside of inside you. Now that’s deep.

Take a bite of the same nachos, and voila – no stomach problems. It also protects that full taste of the beer that’s right below the foam, in case you’re wondering.

Now you know. Go forth and preach, people!

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