This Zoo Charges $3 Entry Fee to See…Inflatable ‘Rare Penguins’ And It’s Legit

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Let me put this straight– I am not kidding you.

We all know how sometimes we get cheated on Taobao and get fake Chinese products.

But this one really next level. #mindblown

Apparently, a zoo in Guangxi tried to test visitors by making them ‘spot the difference’.

If you are someone that finds this kind of games challenging, wait till you see this.

Confirm plus chop (heck I’ll even put in ten bucks) you’ll see it.


I know.

I’m actually at a lost for words.

I mean come on lah, I show this to kindergarten kids they also can tell me.

Honestly I wonder what the zoo keepers felt when they were tasked to do this.

This new zoo promised visitors an “invasion of penguins”…

Sorry I really can’t keep a straight face typing this.

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… and said that it will provide visitors a chance to learn about wildlife.


Well at least they put in an effort to include a variety of animals….

Image: Chinadaily Forum
Image: Daily Mirror

… maybe just the kind of zoo animals we were thinking of.

One thing that really made me ROFL is this:

Image: IBTimes UK

Basically, you’re supposed to get good fortune and longevity by tossing in some bucks.

Into a tank with a tortoise.

This is worse than the lies I’ve said to get my dog in order to get it to shake hands with me.

And they actually charged RMB 15 (3 SGD), making people think that they’ve got a deal, but to walk out disappointed. Very.

However, this is not as bizarre as it sounds because it is an actual re-occurrence.

There was a similar-looking banner in Jiangsu back in September.

There was a video shared online and a sarcastic visitor was heard asking a flattened penguin “Are you alright, buddy?”

I don’t know about you but if I continue writing about this I’m gonna die of laughter.

Don’t forget to save this post for a gloomy day or an angry girlfriend (you can thank me later).

I’m out.

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