China’s Fake iPhone 8 Has Hit the Market Months Ago & It Runs on Android


Apple might have launched the iPhone 8 just recently.

But did you know that it’s been around for way longer than that?

China’s version, that is.

Image: Youtube

It looks pretty authentic, huh? But it’s fake, as fake as the makeup on your girlfriend’s face. Cheyyy just kiddinggg.

But you have to applaud their innovation. They even removed the Home button and created a vertical camera arrangement to simulate iPhone X!

How they knew it so many months before the reveal absolutely bamboozles me.

Well actually not really.


Remember how there were loads of conspiracy theories, leaks and rumours about the new iPhone ages ago?

The manufacturer implemented every one of those aspects into the design of their ‘iPhone 8’.

Whew, 11/10 for creativity.

Image: youtube

There’s even a bronze version available, which is just amazing considering that Apple’s releasing the iPhone 8 in three colours: silver, gold and space gray.

Image: Apple

And you know what makes this fake version of the iPhone 8 even more spectacular?

It runs on an older Android version that’s remodelled to look like iOS 11.

Well played, China. You knew that Apple and Samsung would only work together if Nicklas Bendtner won the FIFA World Cup Player of the Year, so you tried to harmonize them. I see what you’re trying to do there, bro.

What about the price? Is it as exorbitant as Apple’s product?

Fortunately, no. You can get a premium one at just 800 yuan (approx. 140 SGD). That’s actually pretty cheap, even for a clone.

China, cloning everything since 2000

Guess what? They’ve got a clone of the Samsung Galaxy S8 too.

Image: Samclones

At least you know they’re good at something: making fakes look somewhat legit.

If you’re broke but want to brag to your friend that you’ve got the latest iPhone, why not go for the fake one? It’s tons cheaper, and you can fool your friend.

Just don’t show them the back, because all that plastic on the covering is faker than Kylie Jenner.

And oh, while we all hate fakers, we hope that Apple and Android can learn something from them: be BFF.


After all, Nokia and Blackberry have both bro-fist Android.

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