10 Facts About The Battleship Island, Song Joongki’s Latest Project

K-Pop fans unite! In a swoon-worthy twist of fate, Singapore is going to be one of the stops for Song Joong-Ki’s visits to promote his latest movie flick, The Battleship Island.

Here’s the low-down on the movie and anything else you need to know. We’ve missed him in Descendants of the Sun, but this heartthrob is back.

Grab a cup of water and gulp it down – you’ll need it!

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When Will He Arrive???
Song Joong-Ki is going to be here today (8 Aug) to promote the film with two local distributors, Clover Films and Golden Village Pictures, at 7:00 p.m. in Suntec City.

When Will The Movie Start Showing?
Well, according to our movie scouts, The Battleshop Island will be released this coming 17 August 2017 in both Malaysia and Singapore.

What’s the Movie About?
The story is about a number of courageous Korean fighters who escape an island where they have been forcefully taken in by the Japanese during the invasion. Tough stuff, and judging by the trailer, it looks like a bomb of an action movie.

The Battleship Island Caused…
Due to conflicting schedules between the movie and Descendants of the Sun 2, he was not able to act in the drama series. There are rumours that Season 2 was even cancelled due to this.

Don’t la cancel, just start shooting later. It’s soooo good you know.

Ticket Sales in Korea Are Through the ROOF!
The movie was released last Wednesday in Korea, and a grand total of 970,516 tickets were sold. This is a record-breaking number of ticket sales sold on the very first day over there.

And Within Four Days in Korea…
The South Korean box office is also shook by the fact that the ticket sales reached a magnitude of 4 million in audience lines by Sunday. It is, indeed, the fastest film to do so in Korea for 2017.

A total of 87 percent cinemas showed The Battleship Island in Korea
That comes to a massive number of 2027 cinema screens. Go figure. All on the opening day you know.

Who’s the Director?
The director for The Battleship Island is also the man behind Veteran and the Berlin File, Ryoo Seung Wan.

Soong Jong-Ki is Engaged To…
No surprise here, but everyone loves seeing them together. The talented Korean actor got engaged to Song Hye-kyo just last month. They are expected to get married sometime in October. But no, Song Hye-kyo isn’t in the movie, nor is she coming to Singapore (but who knows, right?).

Soong Jong-Ki Has Done Military Service
Ha, looks like it’s not just us here who’s got to complete it. Glad he did, though. Nothing like serving the country – it just brings your sense of patriotism to a whole new level. And here’s the thing: ever since he “ORDed”, he has been playing roles related to military.

Other Acting Cast Members Coming Along
Apart from Soong Jong-Ki, there are a couple of other actors dropping by into Singapore. This includes Hwang Jung-min and So Ji-sub.

Wahlauwei, I cannot wait for that already. I wonder if he’s already touched down and reached Changi Airport. In the meanwhile, I’m going to take a look at the movie’s trailer.

You can check it out for yourself right here:

And just so you know, Korea movies don’t often land in our shores. You’ll have to thank Train to Busan for that: even since the success of the sleeper hit in Singapore, it seems like Korea movies, just like Korea dramas, do have a large fanbase, too.

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