7 Funniest Jokes About Yishun Because #Yishun

We all love Yishun, don’t we? We love it so much that a movie trailer for Yishun is made and has garnered over half a million views in Facebook, with well over 16K Shares.

And in the spirit of supporting Yishun (does that make sense?), there’ve been many jokes about Yishun. Now, if you’re a righteous person who would complain online when you see someone accidentally killing an ant, or if you’re a property agent trying to market a Yishun property, I would suggest that you click away immediately.

If you like some Yishun jokes, well, here you go.

Yishun Was Meant to be Alone

This is the MRT map in 1996.

Image: remembersingapore.org

They’ve wanted to leave Yishun alone up there.

Google Yishun


MRT Number

You know why Yishun is cursed? Because it’s cursed by the unlucky number 13.

The Bravest People in the World

Policeman from the US: I once have a firefight with a drug load
Soldier from the UK: I once fought through a platoon of enemy alone
Fireman from Malaysia: I once saved 10 people from a burning building

Singaporean from Yishun: I live in Yishun

Everyone claps for the Singaporean.

Journey to Yishun

The reason why the MRT journey from Yio Chu Kang to Khatib is so long is so that you can think about your life before reaching Yishun.

Innova JC to Merge with Yishun JC

When news broke out that Innova JC is going to merge with Yishun, and the new site will be in Yishun, Innova JC students be like

Image: tenor.co

ET Never Left Earth

Image: tested.com

It’s now roaming in Yishun.

Image: allsingaporestuff.com

And before anything, here’s one thing that you should know: Yishun is a great place. And they’ve got good food as well. Don’t get too upset with the jokes, because jokes are meant to be laughed at, not angry at.

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Featured Image: temasektimes.wordpress.com

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