This MRT Pic is Shared Over 26K Times Because Once You See It, You Can’t Unsee It


Last Updated on 2022-11-06 , 8:06 pm

Nowadays, things can get viral fast: a couple bullied an elderly and it garnered over 42K Shares. And then, a guy openly looked down on a taxi driver and that video got over 2.8K Shares.

And we’re talking about the original poster, not any re-uploads—which means the figure could be way larger.

Then again, all these are shared a lot because studies have shown that angry posts go viral a lot faster than other posts—which is precisely why fakes news often work on that angle so as to gain traction fast.

But yesterday, an image (or to be more specific, two images) went extremely viral. Here’s the post if you haven’t seen it.

Lest you can’t view it, here’re the two images:

Image: Facebook (Kendrick Kang)
Image: Facebook (Kendrick Kang)

And here’s what the Facebook user, wrote:

Today take MRT go appointment. Then I felt someone keep looking at me inside the train. The eyes are like smiling. This kept for quite some time.

So at the end, I decided go and approach her to sell insurance.

Then I realise




…. Kanasai, that’s her mouth la! 😲

#CopyPaste #Hahahahaha


The user, a Malaysian insurance agent, became an overnight sensation immediately.

If you still don’t get it, here’re the spoilers: what you’re seeing isn’t the lady’s eye. It’s her mouth—almost 3/4 of her face is covered with her hair.

However, no one can vouch whether this is true, or if it’s a CSB (cool story, bro), because firstly, it doesn’t look like an MRT cabin and secondly, someone else has also posted the same thing (though not as viral).

And of course, the #copypaste hashtag can refer to either the mouth being copied and pasted into the eye’s location, or it’s a story from elsewhere.

But it doesn’t matter: with over 26K Shares, it goes to show that rage doesn’t move the fastest in social media. A laugh can move just as fast.


Featured Image: Facebook (Kendrick Kang)