8 Facts About Spider-Man: Homecoming You Should Know Before Watching It

Who doesn’t love Spider-Man? After all, we all grow up with this cheeky superhero who deliver one of the best one-liners.

And Spider-Man could well be one of the movies that sparked the superhero movies trend.

With the highly anticipated movie to be released tomorrow in Singapore (6 July 2017), here’re some facts you should know before watching it so that you can impress your date with your Spidey knowledge!

It is the ninth Spider-Man Film

Say what?!

Most people would think that this is the sixth Spider-Man film, with the first Spider-Man film in 2002. Well, that’s because that’s when most of us are already born by then. The very first Spider-Man film was released in 1977, and here’s the trailer.

In the US, it debuted on TV but was shown in cinemas elsewhere. Two more films were released in overseas cinemas, which, as usual, remained as a TV movie in the US. That means that if you’re in the US, it’s the sixth film, and if you’re in Singapore, it’s the ninth film.

(BTW, anyone noticed that Spider-Man climbed a building that resembled an HDB flat in 1:23?)

The actor taking the role of Spider-Man just gets younger and younger

Not including the 1977 to 1981 films, Tobey Maguire was 27 when the first Spider-Man film was out in 2002, and Andrew Garfield was 29 when the first The Amazing Spider-Man film was released in 2012.

Tom Holland, who played the latest Peter Parker, is only 21 this year. But of course, Peter Parker is only 15 in this movie, so it makes sense to get someone young to play him.

It’s just sad to see that as Spider-Man gets younger, we all get older. Did you get to see Tobey Maguire’s latest photo?

Why no The Amazing Spider-Man 3?

We all love The Amazing Spider-Man 2, right? The sudden twist at the end shows us that superheroes can’t save everyone, and they can be powerless as well.

In fact, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had done so well at the box office that it was the ninth most grossing film in 2014. People might say that it under-performed due to their high expectations, but it’s still a lot of money, so it doesn’t make sense that we won’t see Peter Parker finally meeting Mary Jane. In fact, Andrew Garfield signed on for three films.

The sequels, which were planned, were cancelled in February 2015 after a new franchise was signed with Marvel Studios. What talking me? Read on and you’ll understand.

This is a new beginning for Peter Parker in the big screen

The film rights for Spider-Man belong to Sony Pictures. They had bought it in 1999, which was a period before superhero movies were a thing. During that time, Marvel earned just from the licensing deals, and seeing that superhero movies could be profitable, they created Marvel Studios and started making their own movies. Their first film, Iron Man in 2008, showed that they themselves could do good movies and make good money.

That gave birth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a shared world between all the Marvel superheroes.

Then there was a talk between Marvel and Sony on Spider-Man’s involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It broke down and Spider-Man: Homecoming, a movie that’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was produced, with Sony Pictures still holding the rights to the Spider-Man franchise. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was immediately cancelled.

Not sure what happened in the closed-door meeting, but anyone who’s been in business would know that everyone just wants a slice of the spider.

Tom Holland has a six-film deal with Marvel Studios

Of course, this doesn’t mean he would be doing six movies (remember Andrew Garfield?), with three of them being Spider-Man movies. Wait, does that mean…

…the sequel has been planned

It’s really fast and furious, man. In fact, the release date has been announced as well: it will be out on 5 July 2019. They haven’t had a name for it yet, but told the media that the setting would start “a few minutes” after Avengers 4, which is scheduled to be released on 3 May 2019.

Man, these films shared so much they’ll make Facebook proud.

It is the least expensive film to make

Of all the six films, only the first Spider-Man cost less to make (at $139 million) but I’ve yet to take inflation into consideration. Now, with inflation, Spider-Man: Homecoming will be the film with the lowest budget, at $175 million (the first Spider-Man would be at $188 million after inflation).

We’ll all have to see whether the low budget would result in any dent in the box office.

The director has only directed three films before this

Unlike the rebooted Star Trek or Star Wars, this reboot isn’t directed by a high-profile director. Jon Watts is a thirty-six-year-old director, producer and screenwriter who graduated from New York University with a film degree.

But then again, he could well be the next J.J. Abrams.

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