8 Things You Really Shouldn’t Buy from Thailand’s 7-Eleven or You’ll Regret

Ah, Thailand, the land of smiles, good food and everything else interesting under the sun.

Their 7-Eleven stores are pretty awesome as well, featuring lots of exotic foods and stuff that you cannot find here in Singapore. After all, we all go to a local 7-Eleven when we’re overseas, right?

But there are just some items in Thailand 7-Eleven that…well, just don’t make the cut. In fact, you would be wasting your precious baht if you decided to buy any of these.

Might as well spent it on yet another tom yam soup.

Championship trophy for mothers all around the world

Would you get something like that for your mum? She’s only going to appreciate is when she learn to read Thai. We think you’ll be better off just treating her to a good meal, or some new Thailand snacks.

Like, seriously, why are tourists buying this?

Thai Garland

No, serious. While it might seem cool at first, it’s pretty useless, isn’t it? You’re not going for an election, are you? And even if you are…why get your garland all the way from Thailand? And why the heck are they being sold there?

Ready-to-eat corn

Compared to the delicious corn you’ll get on the streets of Thailand, theirs is expensive and doesn’t necessarily taste better. And we have this everywhere in Singapore, too.

Logan Packet Dessert

Similar to above, look for it from a roadside stall for cheaper (and much fresher) ones. Unless you really crave for one at 3:00 a.m. lah.

Packet Sticky Rice with Longan

Yes, that’s right. Eat the ones from the roadside because they’re cheaper for one, and nicer to boot!

Sliced Mango with Spicy Dip

With mango almost a pseudo-national fruit of Thailand, who could resist getting this for themselves when they see this in 7-Eleven? Don’t. It’s mentioned online that it doesn’t taste as good as it looks. Go for the normal sliced mangoes instead, or even a fresh one.

Lava Cake

Thai people don’t even trust the lava cake in their own cake shops, not to mention something that’s offered in 7-Eleven. And just for your info, we have this in Singapore as well now – so save your baht for something else.

Grilled banana

The moment you see this in the store, you’ll definitely get it. Seriously, because that’s what we’ll do. But don’t, because it’s so much nicer if you get fresh ones from the roadside. 

Because if you think about it, packaged and processed grilled banana isn’t going to taste as good as the fresh one. 


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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com in 2015 and revised on 11 July 2017.

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