A New Nathan Hartono Has Been Discovered: Jay Chou Picked a S’porean on Sing! China

Remember Nathan Hartono?

If a bottle of Milo peng comes to your mind when you think of him, then you need some refresher on how the singer became Singapore’s gem.

Last year, Nathan Hartono joined the inaugural Sing! China, and had a breakthrough when he became Jay Chou’s mentee, singing his way to the finals and becoming a household name not just in Singapore, but in China as well.

He eventually finished second, but that was enough to make him so popular that he could now be seen in all kinds of advertisements, from Singtel to DBS and of course, Milo.

Now, there could well be a next Nathan Hartono.

In the new season of Sing! China, a Singaporean, Joanna Dong, won the judges’ approval and got to select her mentor. She eventually decided to go for Jay Chou’s team and become his mentee.

If you’d have remembered, that was how Nathan Hartono started, too.

The reason why she had picked Jay Chou is that before she hit the high note, Jay Chou had “approved” her—the first among all the judges.

And with that, she believed that Jay Chou knew her well “musically”.

What’s interesting is that Joanna Dong has the same background as Nathan Hartono before joining the contest: she’s an established singer in Singapore, having released singles and being active in the industry.

Check out the 35-year-old jazz singer’s performance here. Trust me, after hearing her, you know she could well be Milo’s next ambassador.

Anyways, anyone feels like buying Oppo R11?

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