Another Super Calm LTA Officer Emerged When Driver Self-Pwn with Video

In this social media age, it seems like the memo about “you’re not right even if you’ve posted a video online first” hasn’t been seen by most people.

Take this latest example.

For the sake of brevity, here’s what happened: an LTA officer decided to charge a man who does a pick-up without a Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence.  The man then fought back with words, which is perfectly fine because everyone argues.

But he did it while filming.

Basically, the man’s argument is that he has called LTA and verified that since his vehicle is registered under Z10 and Z11, he did not need a PDVL to pick up passengers and tourists.

Here’s when everything gets a tad confusing: the classification of Z10 / Z11 is, in layman’s term, vehicles that can be used for private hire (you know, for commercial use). For normal private cars, they’re classified under the P10 / P11.

So, in order to drive for Uber / Grab, you need to convert your car from P10 / P11 to Z10 / Z11 (or rent one with that classification).

And this has nothing to do with the new regulations that just kicked in on the 1 July 2017: this is something that all Uber / Grab cars (do note, it’s cars, not drivers) have been doing in Singapore since its inception, because it’s illegal for private cars (P10/P11) to make a profit out from driving.

Here’s the thing that makes everything so confusing: Uber / Grab aren’t the only cars that use the Z10 / Z11 classification. There are private hire cars that aren’t Uber / Grab (think of those limos), way before Uber / Grab came to Singapore.

So, here’s the thing: the man’s car is a Z10 / Z11, but does he have a PDVL? Yes, his car is registered to make money, but is he registered to make money?

Which is what leads to the argument: a misunderstanding.

But we all know it’s not the misunderstanding that people are mad about. Take a look.

Image: Facebook (Stomp)

My friend, before you go with the mindset that everyone would support you because it’s you against the authorities, think again. Singaporeans know the Rashomon effect.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Stomp)

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