Castella Cakes: 10 Facts About This Food That’s Taking Over S’pore by Storm

All this while, you had to travel to JB for a taste of the signature Castella Cake.

It seemed like such a long trip for something, but when you finally see the cake in all its jiggly goodness, you know you did good.

Here’s the latest scoop though – Original Cake’s finally opened their very first outlet in Westgatel Jurong.

Now you’ll be able to see the cake bounce before it slides into your mouth and slinks down into your tummy without crossing the border!

Here’s 10 facts about the OG of Castella cakes, just for you.

They’re the Pioneer Castella Cake Company
Yes, Original Cake started its first outlet in 2011 in Taipei, way before other famous brands like Le Castella were available. In other words, contrary to what you might have believed, it’s not a Malaysia food.

Only Takeaway
There’s no place for you to sit down and enjoy the cake, you gotta dapao and go back and enjoy it in peace and quiet.

The Queue Situation in Taipei
Thinking that you’ve got to queue for some time to get a piece of cake? Well, the purchasers of Original Cake at Tamsui Old Street have stood in queues for up to 3 hours just to get a taste of the eggy cake! Seems like foodies in Taiwan are just as siao-on as the ones in Singapore and Malaysia!

The Flavours
Original Cake comes in three flavours – frozen chocolate, golden cheese and finally, their signature original flavour.

Image: HungryGoWhere

There’s a Special Ingredient in the Frozen Chocolate Castella Cake
Here comes the shocker – the cake’s dotted with none other than Hershey’s dark chocolate chips. Talk about decadence and deliciousness!

Image: HungryGoWhere

Why Are The Cakes Loved So Much?
Well, no one else has executed cakes that are this creamy, fluffy and light too. It’s as if you picked a fluffy cloud from the sky, added your flavour of choice and popped it into your mouth! It’s all about the texture, my friend. The texture (and the fad, maybe?).

The Singapore Outlet is Co-Owned with a Malaysian
Yep, the outlet is shared with an accountant from Malaysia, Vivyn Lim. She’s partnered with OC’s outlets here and in Malaysia too.

Their Showcased Process
Original Cake bakes their rectangle masterpieces on sheet pans, which are then removed from the oven and cut right while it’s still warm for all the world to see. Jiggly effects like no other, for sure!

What is the Length of Each Whole Rectangle Cake?
We expect it to be roughly at about 23cm by 16cm, and a bit taller than the ones you see at other Castella cake shops here.

There Are Other Flavours in Taiwan But Not Here
So sad, but there’s apparently a total of 7 flavours, three of which we’re getting here. The two we’d really wish to see would be the Dried Longan, an Asian version as well as Almond and Nuts.

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