CRAVE Nasi Lemak Is Now Selling Giant Squid Nasi Lemak for Just $8.90!

In celebration of the month of Ramadan, CRAVE Nasi Lemak will be launching a special menu for specially for Ramadan.

And among the new items on the menu, one of them caught our eye, just because…

Facebook: Crave Nasi Lemak

AT JUST S$8.90!!!!

Yup, you saw that right. In line with the Ramadan specials, CRAVE Nasi Lemak will be launching this exclusive set of Giant Hot & Spicy Squid Nasi Lemak for just S$8.90!

Not only is the squid fresh and extremely huge, many people will also love it for the fiery notes that makes it extra addictive.

However, do note that this menu will only be available until 16 July 2017. But, who knows? Maybe it will sell out so fast that the people at CRAVE will decide to put this on their permanent menu! 

A set of the Giant Hot & Spicy Squid Nasi Lemak also comes with Nasi Lemak rice, Ikan Bilis, their signature sambal chilli and achar. 

One of the best Nasi Lemaks in Singapore

CRAVE Nasi Lemak, previously known as the Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak from Adam Road Hawker Centre, has always been known as one of the stronger contenders for the battle of Nasi Lemak in Singapore.

Their Nasi lemak rice is prepared using a family recipe that has been passed down over generation, with their main selling point being the fragrant and fluffy basmati rice and the addictive sambal chilli that will send people scrambling for seconds.


Other than the Giant Hot & Spicy Squid Nasi Lemak, they have also launched other items on the menu!

The latest menu will be available in stores at all outlets islandwide except for Changi Airport Terminal 2. Else, you can also order them through Food Panda or their call & collect services where you can contact the nearest outlets for self pick-up services! 

So for those who are craving for a good plate of Nasi Lemak right now, you know where you should head to for dinner tonight!

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