Don’t Say Bojio: $2 Milk Tea & Lemon Melon Tea in LiHo

What a year it has been uh?

Oh, wait, it is only March.


Okay, I think we all need to pat ourselves on the back for surviving the first two months of 2018.

I mean, so much crap went down, from Chew Eng Han escaping Singapore using a sampan to cigarettes prices increasing, we survived it all.

And March is starting to look tasty as well, with Mcdonald’s chocolate pie and fish and chips!

Now, to make things even sweeter, homegrown bubble tea company, LiHO is having a $2 promo on their drinks.

Yes, for just $2, you can get a cup of Milk Tea (M) or Lemon Melon Tea (M).

Something to cool you down during the hot weather.

And you can upsize your cold drinks for just a dollar!

I mean, after all the savoury food, you need to wash it down with something saccharine.

Terms and conditions apply.

And since this is LiHo’s March promo, it’ll likely to be here for the entire month.

Now you know where to go for a drink, right?

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Featured image: LiHo Facebook