Don’t Say Bojio: Free Mobike Rides this Month (Sept 2017)!

You know why it’s great to be living in Singapore now?

Businesses are willing to lose money just to get more users. Just look at many of the new tech start-ups: despite losing millions of dollars every year, they can still offer discounts (or even free services) to users, hoping that they become another Facebook.

Lest you’re not aware, Facebook started out without any ads, and ran for five years with major losses every year until 2009, when it finally turned a profit with its gamble.

So if you think this latest deal is a scam, don’t: it’s just business.

Mobike, one of the three bike-sharing companies in Singapore, is offering FREE rides in the entire month of September.

Yes, for that full 30 days.

Image: Facebook (Mobike Singapore)

There’s no reason for this freebie, but as mentioned, it’s all just business.

After all, in 2017 alone, the China-based company has raised a whopping USD$1 billion in funding.

You’ve read it right: billion hor, not million.

Which isn’t such a surprise considering how fast this industry is growing. And also how fast the bikes are being abused #sorrycannotresist

However, do note that if you’re charged while riding the bike, it most likely is due to a technical error and they’ve suggested that you report it in the app, which they will adjust accordingly.

Image: Facebook (Mobike Singapore)

Now, isn’t this the perfect time to go for your well-deserved cycling trip to East Coast Park?

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Featured Image: Facebook (Mobike Singapore)