Don’t say BoJio: YOU Could Be Tasting LiHo’s New Drinks, For Free!

Dig Milk and Cheese Teas?

Dig Liho?

Well, you’ll totally dig into LiHo’s latest offer, then!

On 14 September 2017, YOU could be tasting their new drinks, FOR FREE!

Image: LiHo Singapore Facebook Page

A very cute avocado.

Image: LiHo Singapore Facebook Page


We want YOU, our fans to join us in a fan tasting session where you can be the first to taste our new upcoming drinks and have a say in how our drinks will turn out 
Details of the event:
Date: 14th September 2017
Time: 7:30pm

1. Tell us why you want to join in by 11th September, 2017
2. Tag a friend that you would like to bring with you
3. Share this post

And we will choose 10 pairs of fans to join us in an exclusive private event. Snacks will be provided.

What are you waiting for?

Create a conveniently brilliant reason, tag your best friend, share the post and you could be one of the first to taste their new drinks!

AND you can have a say in how their new drinks turn out! Which means you could be the one behind a drink that people will be raving about!

Image: Imgflip

If you still need any motivation, did I mention that there will be snacks provided?

Yep, snacks. It’s not specified which kind of snacks there will be, but who cares? There will be snacks!

And even if you’re not a LiHo fan, you should join in any way. You can just taste it, spit it out and condemn them.

Why be an Anti online when you can Anti in their face? Muahaha.


By the way, I think it’s pretty clear what at least one of their new drink will be, right?

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Feature Image: LiHo Singapore Facebook Page

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