Don’t say Bojio: Travel Fair with 1-for-1 Packages (3 & 4 March)

So, my editor thought it’s a good idea for me to write about this topic coz’s it’s about a travel fair and I love to travel and all.

Little did he know that I’ve never travelled with a travel agency before—willingly, that is. Hey, trips planned by parents when I was a wee lad don’t count, ya know.

Anyway, it’s still interesting for me to look at travel deals every now and then. I used to do it to compare the amount of money I would otherwise spend if I did not go with the backpacking option.

Hey, travel packages by travel companies were very expensive, you know. I could do more with a fraction of the price when I plan the trips myself.

But these days, it would appear that travel packages are getting cheaper compared to say, 10 years ago.

Or, if you’re someone who would prefer to travel with a tour group, I have good news for you!

Image: Chan Brothers Travel Facebook

Chan Brothers will be having their travel fair on 3 & 4 March, from 11 am to 8 pm!

The event will be held at two locations, namely Suntec Exhibition Concourse (Level 3) and Suntec City Mall West Atrium!

And holy macaroni, they weren’t kidding about it being a sale!


In case you can’t see the images or read the words, here’s a link to their website!

Now, before you go sharing the news all over the place, may I bring your attention to the Bonanza deals?

…Let’s zoom in a little.

Whoa! Not bad! They actually have a 1-for1 travel deal for Turkey and more! There are just so many different holiday destinations available for your choosing! Come on, time to grab your friends and family and head down to the travel fair!

Although I would prefer not to travel with a tour group, this sounds like the perfect chance for me to bring my parents on a trip!

Hmm, I wonder if they’ll be interested in going to Turkey…

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Featured image: Chan Brothers Travel Facebook

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