Everything You Need to Know About The I12 Katong Mall Fire in 60 Secs

May 2017 is shaping up to be a hot month. Literally.

People barely had the time to settle down from Changi Airport T2 and a Punggol construction site burning up when news of another fire in Singapore hit the net. 

And this time, heads are going to roll. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the fire at I12 Katong Mall.

Smoke Smelt & Fire Engines Spotted at 9.45 pm

Image: channelnewsasia.com

It was reported by Channel NewsAsia that on 17 May, I12 Katong was evacuated after a shop on the first floor of the mall caught fire.

An eyewitness told ChannelNewsasia that she smelt smoke in the air and saw people being evacuated from the shopping mall. 

SCDF Firefighters arrived at the scene at about 9.45 pm. The SCDF reported at 11.18 pm that the fire was brought under control.

The source of the fire wasn’t disclosed but witnesses reportedly claimed that they saw smoke coming from the Cedele or UOB outlets on the first floor.

The Mall’s Fire Precautionary Measure “Wasn’t Timely” & It Was Every Person For Himself

Image: channelnewsasia.com

The mall’s fire alarm went off at 9.30 pm.

Patrick Sim, who owns a shop in the basement when said that they locked up their shops without taking their belongings because they were afraid of possible explosions.

He added that there were no clear instructions given over the mall’s PA system.

Yusmin Norman, another worker at the mall, claimed that the mall’s response to the incident “wasn’t timely”.

Both shoppers and staff were left to their own devices and had to evacuate the mall on their own. She added that water sprinklers were not activated. 

“Many shoppers exited from the main door and no precautionary measures were taken by the mall staff,” she said.

GV Customer Allegedly Evacuated Only At 10 pm

Image: Screengrab from channelnewsasia.com

Facebook user, Salohcin Seah, who was at the cinema during the incident took to Facebook to complain about the staff at GV.

He claimed that he was evacuated only at 10 pm, half an hour after the fire alarm sounded.

During the evacuation, he claimed that he saw 3 GV staff allegedly remained in the mall. One was playing with their handphone, one was scrubbing the hotdog grill, and the last one simply chilling and chit chatting behind the counter.

He added that one of the staff simply told them to exit by the door, allegedly not even bothered to guide the customers out. 

There were no injuries reported in this incident.

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Feature Image: channelnewsasia.com

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