Forget Nasi Lemak Burger. Char Kuey Teow Burger Could be Coming, Too

In July 2017, McDonald’s Singapore launched the Nasi Lemak burger.

That was the trigger of a gruesome, fiery and heated Food War between Singapore and Malaysia, all in the month of July 2017.

Dubbed the July Nasi Lemak Burger War (alright I’m the one that dubbed it), it featured numerous replications that threatened to topple McDonald’s Kingpin.

While some were undoubtedly mouth-watering, none proved as much of a fan-favourite as McDonald’s version.

Well, I guess the tables have turned because Malaysia has launched their own hybrid version: an honest to goodness Char Kuey Teow Burger.

Image: hgw_my Instagram Page

Damn, that’s one sexy burger! 😉

How did it come about?

FungryTV came up with the idea, reached out to Grub for a collaboration, and ta-dah! The idea was formed, and it’s one that might just upset McDonald’s indomitable Nasi Lemak burger.

What’s the burger made of?

After seeing the ingredients making up the $1.3k mooncake, I feel like this is a necessary segment just so that we won’t get MASSIVELY disappointed.

Well after viewing the ingredients for the Char Kuay Teow burger, it looks good so far, that’s for certain!

The burger’s patty is basically a tasty omelette stuffed with classic ‘char kuey teow‘ ingredients such as prawns, cockles, spring onions, tow gay (bean sprouts), and duck egg yolk, sandwiched between two toasted buns.

Chefs Razif Hashim and Ahong tried their best to formulate the signature ‘wok hei‘ (charred) taste of traditional ‘char kuey teow‘ in this burger.

Image: Imgflip


For you foodies eager to devour that sexy burger, sadly, it’s not available for you guys yet.

However, YOU can make it a reality.

If FungryTV gets 1,000 pledges before 16 September, the Char Kuay Teow burger will be sweeping the nation.

So the important thing here is… how do you pledge?

Simply head to FungryTV’s Facebook Page and pledge by TAGGING A FRIEND AT THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS VIDEO.

So far there are 521 comments, so you guys know what to do. 479 more and Malaysia could be winning with a brand new, mouth-watering Char Kuay Teow Burger!

I don’t even know why I’m so excited; it’s not even for Singapore. But then, good food goes beyond national borders, right?


Well, Singapore had their turn, so I guess it would only be appropriate for Malaysia to have the upper hand this time.

But honestly? I kind of want to try the burger. Yet at the same time, I don’t want to go all the way to Malaysia just to try it.

So help this dear friend out, share this post, get all your friends to pledge and make the burger a reality. Maybe, just maybe, if it gains traction, there will be a Singaporean version of it.

One can only hope, huh?

Can’t wait!

Image: Quickmeme

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