Giordano PR Team Posted This Image & It Backfired. Badly.

Before anything, take a look at this image from Giordano Facebook Page.

Innocent enough? Yeah? No?


Well, at least according to what people are saying in Facebook.

This image was posted in Giordano Singapore Facebook Page on 20 July 2017. It looks innocuous enough with a perfect family and cute children…until you realize something.

Okay, a few things.

Now, you can argue that Eurasians is one of the races in Singapore, so this should pass.

But just go through the images they’ve posted online.

Ang mo, ang mo everywhere. Pretty sure Shrey Bhargava has something to say.

Let’s just say that people are nitpicking, so what else is wrong here?

Obviously this innocent girl who has suddenly become the spotlight of this image.

Why does an ang mo couple has an Asian daughter?

Okay, she’s adopted. Fair enough (at least, that could be a legit reply).

End of story…not.

Because of this.

For comparison’s sake, here are the two images side-by-side.

Wait. How did the models pose with such precision? It’s like they’re Photoshopped in…oh wait.

Like what many clients often tell us, marketing budget is hard to fight for. Guess that’s true after all.

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* All images from Facebook (GIORDANO)