Gong Cha’s First Comeback Store to be in S’pore Before the End of Sept

2017 is a year of comeback: first, we have Gong Cha that “left” and then promised to come back, and we’ve news that A&W is coming back to our shores.

I guess you can say that you can take anything from us Singaporeans, but never mess with our food.

It’s revealed that the person who is bringing back Gong Cha is Mr Kang Puay Peng, an ex-co-founder and ex-managing director of Mr Bean.

He is now no longer with Mr Bean, so Gong Cha isn’t under the popular soya milk brand.

Royal Taiwan Tea, the company that manages Gong Cha franchises, has announced officially that Mr Kang would be the new CEO of Gong Cha (Singapore).

It said that “given the strength Gong Cha’s brand in Singapore, we wanted to pick the right partner. Mr Kang’s extensive experience in F&B, coupled with his hands-on approach, detailed operational knowledge and commitment to quality make him a right fit for Gong Cha.”

With SGD$30 million revenue per year, it’s no surprise that there were over 100 applications for the franchise.

The new Gong Cha will have a fresh look for its stores with new offerings in the menu. But not to worry: your original favourites will still be there.

In the next few weeks, they would have finalized the locations of the outlets.

And here’s the most important thing: they plan to launch its first store in the third quarter of the year.

Unless I’m mistaken, third quarter of the year means it’s either July, August or September.

That means the first outlet would be launched latest by 30 September 2017, which is less than two months from now.

But of course, they could launch it earlier.

After all, their Facebook Page has suddenly become active a week ago, and now, this was announced.

Image: Facebook (Gong Cha Singapore)

Not trying to speculate here, but it seems like everything is planned, no?

Guess LiHo isn’t feeling so Ho now.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Gong Cha Singapore)