Iconic National Day Song ‘Home’ in Canto Will Please Your Grandparents

We all know ‘Home’, don’t we?

Known to some as the best National Day song, the 1998 NDP song, released as a CD back them, has two versions: one in English and one in Mandarin.

Lest, for some reason you’ve forgotten about this iconic song, here’s the English version:

And here’s the Mandarin version which is equally good:

The song, sang by local songbird Kit Chan and composed by the talented Dick Lee, was even relaunched for a new arrangement for Total Defence Day in 2011.

This time, the MV was produced by Kit Chan but sang by 39 local singers from across all generations, including current superstars like JJ Lin.

And yeah, there’s even a rap in the revised version.

It’s almost certain that this is the song that has become Singapore’s icon, in the past, present and future.

Then someone came and decided that it’s time for the older generation, who built Singapore, a chance to sing along.

Novabelle, a talented pop-vocalist who sings all over Singapore, has a YouTube channel in which she does covers of popular songs. Just take a listen here and you’ll fall in love with her (her voice, I mean).

She sings in English and Mandarin, similar to most of us Singaporeans (albeit not as good as her lah), and also in Cantonese.

So she decided to rewrite our favourite song “Home” in Cantonese within 30 minutes because someone told her to do so.

While it’s impressive to translate the song into Cantonese within such a short period, what’s even impressive is the final product.

Here, take a listen.

Feel like showing this to your grandparents yet?

Here’s the full version that’s a blend of English, Mandrain and Cantonese

Power lah.

Step aside, K-pop. Cantopop is back

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Featured Image: Facebook (Novabelle 吳詠賢)