Ingenious NUS Student Created Google Form & Asked Girls for Dates, Making Tinder Obsolete

There are a couple of ways to get dates – manning up and asking that girl at the café for her number, using dating apps like Tinder and asking your friend to introduce your crush to you.

And then there’s this guy. Why use Tinder when you can just use… Google Forms?

So he was on the verge of completing his degree and has decided to step up and ask for a date.

Image: NUS Whispers facebook page

It wasn’t quite the conventional way, but you can’t fault this guy for creativity.

Image: NUS Whispers facebook page
Image: NUS Whispers facebook page
Image: NUS Whispers facebook page

The comments were… well you judge for yourself.

Image: NUS Whispers
Image: NUS Whispers facebook page

For your info, HIMYM refers to How I Met Your Mother, a US sitcom.

One thing’s for sure: Lots of people now know about this mysterious, ‘confident’ guy with the innovative google form method.

What’s unclear is whether anybody actually filled in the Google Form.

Though I’m quite certain 90% of the people who applied are trolls…while the other 10% thought they were applying for a job #justsaying

But who knows?

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