KFC Launched Mac N’ Cheese & Guess What?

Last year, nasi lemak had a renaissance of sorts when McDonald’s launched the Nasi Lemak Burger (which has become a permanent addition to the menu), and a slew of eateries followed suit subsequently.

This year, it seems to be like cheese is going to be the main star as various fast-food behemoths have been slathering it on their food.

And now KFC has jumped on the bandwagon by launching a new item on 3 Jan—Mac N’ Cheese, and of course, there is (popcorn) chicken in it!

It is called Kentucky Fried Chicken, for a reason.

Thanks to Twitter maven, Xavier Lur, Twittersphere went bonkers when he tweeted about it, garnering 4.9k retweets as of writing time.

You can get it with their super saver meal ($5) alongside one piece of chicken and a drink or you can get the Mac ‘N Cheese Buddy meal ($19.50) if you’re feeling ravenous.

Image: kfc.com.sg

Since it is Fast-food Friday in Goody Feed’s office, we decided to order it.

But to our dismay, we got a phone call saying it was sold out.


It has been only 2 days since the launch and it is already sold out!

And we weren’t the only one…


What do we think?

Well, we have to try it first.

But according to Xavier, it is not spicy!

Hopefully, KFC can dish out more of it to meet customer’s demands, including us!

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Featured image: twitter.com/xavierlur