KFC Japan Just Introduced a Fried Chicken with No Smell. We Love Japan!


We must be grateful to Japan for three things—Hello Kitty, Pokemon and the transparent milk tea.

Now we can be grateful for one more thing as they have invented something so ingenious that you will be like, “of course, who else can come up with this kind of stuff”.

It goes without saying that fried chicken is one dish that you can’t go wrong with unless there is a vegan involved.

There is only one big bone of contention—some people can’t stand the smell, especially if you’re lugging it on the bus or train.

Imagine this, you’re starving and this bugger walks into the train cabin with a KFC bucket replete with good old fried chicken. To make things worse, he sits beside you.

We all know KFC’s chickens are legendary!

Image: giphy.com

The smell of the fried chicken is wafting around you, warm and comforting yet it is going to make you pass out from abject hunger.

But what if I told you that the said bucket was filled with odourless chicken?

No, this is not a work of fiction. Odourless fried chicken exists.

“Where?”, you might ask.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, of course!

Odourless Fried Chicken

KFC Japan just rolled out their odourless fried chicken at their latest takeaway outlet at the A8 exit of Shinjuku subway station in Tokyo.

Image: en.rocketnews24.com

It will be the only outlet in Japan that will offer this mysterious chicken.

Called the Fried Chicken Home Type, they are sold for two pieces at $5.96.

Image: en.rocketnews24.com

Located conveniently at the train station, commuters can enjoy this classic dish on the train without the delicious scent annoying other passengers.

But according to SoraNews24, once heated, the odourless chicken emits the familiar fragrance.


Well, now we know it is at least made of real chicken.

If you’re in Tokyo, I’d suggest you try it since it will be only available until 31 Dec at the aforementioned location.

Image: telltaletv.com

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with something so brilliant yet thoughtful.

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