Ladies Are Going Crazy Over This Simple Facelift Tape

Singaporean ladies have this insatiable thirst for Korean beauty products. From makeup to facial masks to facial care products, so they are always keeping an eye out for something new.

And here’s something really worth buying this time – a face lifting tape!

Say what?


This amazing face lifting tape is called the Face Maker Lifting Tape and it is sold from the beauty brand Dodo Label.

Each box contains 20 sheets of tapes, and the tapes are designed to stick around the jawbone area so that it can perform its fantastic magic of lifting the sides of the face to create a slimmer face shape.

You can see from the clip that the tapes look very much like a piece of transparent plaster that we can easily get from Guardian or Watsons! The tapes are used at the jawbone area, somewhere below the ears and at the sides of the cheeks to lift up the face.

In doing so, the face appears to become smaller. The results can be a subtle touch or a dramatic change to the face, depending on the face shape of the users.

If you worry that the tape can be seen by others, fret not! It has been proven by yet another video that it can be completely covered with some simple foundation make-up!

It’s like plastic surgery without the surgery #justsaying

The product was an instant hit with many beauty-conscious women in South Korea, where a sharp-angled face is considered an ideal beauty.

Since its launch, the boxes of face lifting tapes have been flying off the shelves and many of these buyers are sharing their amazing results on social media.

If you are keen to purchase the tapes as well, you can seek out Dodo Label.

The tapes are retailing at 5,700 won, which is around SGD$6.80.

So now, you can literally tape your face and make it smaller.

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