Lee Kwang Soo is Going to be a Torchbearer in Winter Olympics 2018

Lee Kwang Soo is many things: funny, a long-lost relative of the giraffe, Avatar and an accomplished actor.

But it seems that he’s going to add one more to his repertoire.

A torchbearer.

That’s right; the actor we have all grown to love (laugh at) has taken up the position of torchbearer at the upcoming Winter Olympics 2018!

Image: kkbyss Instagram


On 13 December, King Kong by Starship Entertainment shared photos of the star proudly holding a brightly-lit torch as he ran down the streets.

Image: kkbyss Instagram
Image: kkbyss Instagram

The Pyeongchang Winter Games will take place from 9 February to 25 February in 2018.

Lee Kwang Soo

But you gotta admit; the veteran actor has come a long way.

He first started out as a model in 2007, before expanding into the acting category with two dramas in 2008.

But it wasn’t until he joined SBS’ Good Sunday variety show Running Man, that he really catapulted to fame.

His comedic gaffs and eccentric personas on the show really hit home with viewers, and earned him a multitude of devoted fans.

And it’s not just Korea either; Kwang Soo has so many overseas fans that he gained the nickname “Prince of Asia”!

Image: Myriam’s World

Following his massive popularity boost, he has successfully clinched a mixture of leading and supporting roles in high-value productions, with his most recent one being well-received comedic drama The Sound of Your Heart.

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His next film, Live, is slated for release in 2018. It will involve “a story of a police officer at a precinct office”.

Well done!

As someone who has caught up to 300 episodes of the Running Man series, I’m honestly glad for Lee Kwang Soo. He has made such a startling transformation from this shy, reserved dude…

Image: Running Man

To this.

Image: Tumblr

Is it even the same person?!

Nevertheless, good luck in your future ventures, Kwang Soo, and continue entertaining every single one of us!


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