Have Leftover Foreign Currency After a Trip? You Can Actually Deposit in Changi Airport

You’ve just arrived at the airport and you’re stuck with $7.80 of leftover currency. Too much for a pack of sweets, yet barely enough for an (overpriced) meal at the departure hall’s bistro.

Sounds familiar? No biggie, we’ve got you covered. Now you don’t have to worry about what to do with all your leftover foreign currency. 

Solution For Your Leftover Currency

Introducing the perfect solution for your leftover currency, a TravellersBox. These yellow boxes at Terminal 1 and 3 brilliantly convert your unwanted leftover currency to digital money. How cool is that! 

Image: www.tripzilla.com/

In case you’re not familiar with the TravelersBox, it is the latest addition to Changi Airport’s top notch amenities. It sure lives up to its name, given how it solves all those pesky post-vacation currency issues we know all too well.  

These interesting yellow boxes (8 of them in total) scattered across Changi Airport Terminal 1 and 3 can convert your leftover foreign currency, both bills and coins, into digital money. How useful is that?

How useful is that? Very useful, considering how those foreign currencies will end up stacking itself at the corner of your house. Might as well convert them into digital money for better use, yeah? 

Image: www.tripzilla.com/

What can you do with the digital money then? Well, they can be redeemed and spend at shops, which includes Grab, Starbucks, iTunes, Lazada, Skype, Amazon.ch, Amazon.jp, Facebook, Qoo10, Tokopedia and Viber. Furthermore, TravelersBox has even teamed up with charities such as Red Cross and Changi Foundation

Take note of the currency accepted: 

But it doesn’t accept all currency; here’re the currencies they accept: Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht, Australian Dollar, Chinese Renminbi, Indonesian Rupiah, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Philippine Peso and Malaysian Ringgit.

As you can see, it’s mainly for countries that are near to us. But given how this is a pretty new launch in Singapore, we get to expect more coming our way soon! 

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