Love-struck Lady Climbed an HDB Flat to Get into Ex-Boyfriend’s House #LikeABoss

Think you know the definition of an overly-attached girlfriend?


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Alright, that’s pretty damn creepy, but we’ve got some pretty strong competition right here in Singapore. At Anchorvale Crescent, to be exact.

Miss Competitor actually tried to climb down from the third floor to a house, that’s believed to be her former boyfriend’s, on the second floor.

Image: Stomp
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What exactly happened?

According to Straits Times, a woman had tried to climb into a second-floor flat – believed to be the home of her former boyfriend – on 3 September, at around 1.30pm. The incident happened at Block 336B, Anchorvale Crescent.

In an interview with Lian He Wan Bao, Ms Yusiena Zulkifli Smith reportedly said that she had seen a woman squatting on the ledge right outside the window of her third-floor unit when she was airing her laundry.

The woman’s eyes were set on a unit directly below Ms Yusiena’s unit.

Image: Stomp

A shocked Ms Yusiena immediately shouted at her, asking what she was doing. The unknown woman motioned for her to keep quiet.

After a while, the woman gave up and left, and Ms Yusiena called the Police.

Image: Stomp

The 21-year-old woman has since been arrested.

According to Straits Times, she had intentions of going to her former boyfriend’s house, but when he refused, she took matters into her own hands.

Police investigations are still continuing.


They say love makes you do crazy stuff, but this is probably the first time I saw how ‘crazy’ things could get.

Now, I’m not sure how madly in love she was with the guy, but I’m pretty sure that death isn’t worth it. I can’t even imagine the chaos that would have erupted had she fallen from the parapet.

And the dude isn’t going to feel good about it, especially if she had met an accident indirectly because of him. I know I wouldn’t.

All the guilt trips and stuff would make me hesitate over my good ol’ Oreo McFlurry.

And nobody likes that when eating ice cream.

What about you? What do you think about this whole… ‘escapade’?

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