Man Made Noise After SingPost Lost his iPhone; SingPost then Refunded ‘Out of Goodwill’

Yes, the headline isn’t clickbait; Singpost really did cover the cost of the parcel out of their “goodwill”.

Well, I used the quotation marks coz’ I disagree.

Okay, why not I just get to the topic at hand and let you decide.

What happened

On 5 Nov 2017, Stomper Denny Ho, left Singapore to Hong Kong as he is based there but he soon realised that he had forgotten to bring his iPhone 7.

He, then, contacted his mum in Singapore and she used SingPost’s Speedpost Priority service on 7 Nov to deliver the said phone to Hong Kong.

His mother was told that it would take three days but according to Singpost’s website, it stated that it will take 2 to 8 working days.

Denny tracked his parcel via the online tracking service after the fourth day and it showed that the parcel was still in Singapore.

So, he called the customer service hotline, but he was told that “it should be in Hong Kong”

So at this point, I can only imagine Denny’s frustration.


Well, I can’t give Singpost the benefit of the doubt coz’ even after eight working days, Denny didn’t get his phone back.

Over the next two weeks, he made numerous calls to the customer service hotline but to no avail.

On 21 Nov, his wife who was in Singapore handling the situation was told by Singpost that the parcel had indeed gone missing and she subsequently filled up the claim form that was sent to her.

In the claim form, she filled in a total of $859, including the cost of the Speedpost service.

But to Denny’s dismay, the postage was non-refundable and the claims for the goods lost was capped at $150.

His mother failed to purchase the insurance for the package, so the compensation is capped at $150

Denny, then, dropped Singpost a message on their Facebook in regards to the matter, mentioning that he did not want to accept the $150 compensation.

What did Singpost do?

A spokesman from Singpost told Stomp that they are sorry about Mr Denny Ho’s parcel which was lost in transit.

“Out of goodwill, we have provided him with full compensation and this has been accepted as satisfactory resolution,” the spokesman added.

They also urged customer shipping high-value items to purchase insurance and here is their liability coverage table for international deliveries:


So, if your item is above $1,000, you will have to pay 2% of the item’s cost, i.e. if you’re taking insurance for a $2000 laptop, you will have to pay $40.

Stomp confirmed with a SingPost spokesman on Wednesday (3 Dec) that the full compensation of $859 was paid out.

Netizens’ reaction

I mean, Denny has gotten a happy ending but Netizens were …salty?

I mean, who wouldn’t?

Does this mean, other customers who faced similar predicaments can request a full compensation?

Just take a look at the slew of comments.



So what do you think?

Is it out of goodwill or is it coz’ media got wind of it?

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