Food Deliveryman Hit Customer When He’s Late for 2 Hours. What The Heck?


Aiyo, what’s going on in the world?

Just a while back we had a youngster who stomped on a guy because of a staring incident.

Now, a food deliveryman hitting a customer? Supposed to deliver food or punches?


What exactly happened?

This incident did not happen in Singapore. It’s in our dear China, or to be more specific, in Hainan.

The fateful day was 7 October, on a peaceful Saturday evening. I guess it was peaceful since this female postgraduate student was just ordering a meal from a takeaway app at 6:00 p.m. when the whole thing escalated.

After waiting for two hours and not receiving her food, she went to the restaurant to pick up her food in person, where she was instructed by the delivery driver to wait for him at the shop entrance.

You know where this story is headed towards right?

So let’s just say there’s a teeny weeny bit of unhappiness and maybe some staring?


The lady asked the guy for his name and the deliveryman interpreted as her planning to lodge a complaint against him for being late.

Without any warning, he “grabbed his car lock and started hitting (her) on the head”, leaving her in a blood bath and needing stitches on her forehead.


Thank God the restaurant owner intervened and stopped the driver from further violent acts.

The woman then called her friends who took her to hospital. She was faced with a medical bill of 2,000 yuan (S$411). Sigh, all these for a S$2.84 Mala Hotpot. No, just kidding. I was just imagining that she ordered Mala Hotpot, ‘coz Mala Hotpot in China is like Chicken Rice in Singapore, no?

But I don’t understand why people fear bad reviews so much? So much that you would hit someone till they bleed? Losing a customer (and some scolding by the boss) is so much better than losing a job.

And just for your info, we once ordered food from an app a few months back. The restaurant is in West Mall, which is in Bukit Batok, and our office is in Bukit Batok.

It took more than two hours to arrive…and the receipt clearly showed that the food was collected at 11:00 a.m. but they deliveryman arrived only after 1:30 p.m.

Must have been some nasty jam from Bukit Batok Central to Bukit Batok Crescent ‘coz usually, a drive would take less than five minutes. Heck, even walking would be much faster.


But anyways.

Another incident in September 2017 saw a Chinese couple in Changsha, Hunan province being “brutally beaten” after they left negative comments of the restaurant on a food delivery platform, stating this:

“[The food is] expensive, not properly packed and not fresh.”

“The portion size was average. I have never had barbecue meat that tasted so bad.”

Comments were seen, they took it very personal, super buay song (very unhappy), and decided to send 7 brothers down to teach the couple a lesson. Not a good lesson, I suppose.


Because local channel Changsha Television reported that the man sustained brain injuries in the fight and was taken for treatment in ICU while his wife suffered broken bones.


Investigations are ongoing for both cases.

I can’t imagine this situation in Singapore, to be honest.



Choose love & peace, human beings.


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