These Are the Outlets with 2017 Hong Bao Draw Winners. You’re Welcome


I have a feeling I’m becoming the official lottery guy in the office since I’ve been writing quite a good number of articles regarding the games of luck.

And the best part?

I don’t even gamble that often. Heck, up until two weeks ago, I still have no idea what is a “system 12”!

Anyway, I suppose I am still capable of talking about the winning outlets for the 2017 Hong Bao Draw. After all, unlike the lottery, these are cold hard facts written in black and white for me to talk about!


Just like this year, the Hong Bao Draw of 2017 boasted a prize pool of 12 million dollars! Can you imagine if you were to win all these money for yourself? Hello, trip around the world!

In case you were wondering, the winning numbers last year were:

07, 29, 02, 27, 24 and 34, with 21 being the additional number.

Maybe you professional gamblers out there can do some calculations or something based on past year results—heck, I don’t even know (Isn’t this all supposed to just be a game of luck?).

The winning outlets

According to a report by The Straits Times, the following are the winning outlets:

  • Block 11A, Boon Tiong Road, via a QuickPick System Roll Entry
  • Singapore Pools Hougang N3 Branch at Block 322, Hougang Avenue 5, 01-70 via a QuickPick System 7 Entry
  • Singapore Pools, B1-143, Suntec City Mall, via a QuickPick System 7 Entry
  • NTUC FairPrice Serangoon Central Hypermart at 23, Serangoon Central, 03-42, Nex via a QuickPick Ordinary Entry.

—And yes, there is more than one winner! In fact, the Hong Bao Draw of 2017 saw 4 people walking away with the grand prize!

That’s still approximately $3 million we’re talking about here! As long as you don’t squander all that money—you’re pretty much settled for life!

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Now that I’ve tempted you with the prize money, it’s time we talk about something even more important.


Don’t spend all your f*cking money on TOTO, 4D and all those gambling games out there.

It’s fine if you just wanna join in the fun, you know, a couple dollars a time. However, there’s something very wrong if you’re struggling to make ends meet because of your gambling habits.

Here’s a link for you if you think you need help, or if someone around you needs help.

Remember, it’s never too late to seek assistance in the matter!

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