Photographer Highlights National Day Celebrations With Images That Are Just…Ingenious

In light of the NDP’ 17 celebrations, talented photographer Jayden Tan posted a series of pictures that would surely evoke your favorite childhood memories.

Words really can’t describe this; you’ve got to see them.

Image: Jayden Tan Facebook Page

Well, the first is something that either makes you cry or laugh. Remember the days when we nervously collect the report books from the teacher, flip to the latest updated page and either laugh or cry at the results?

Not sure if kids nowadays are still using this. Maybe it’s all digital now. Even the signature.

Image: Jayden Tan Facebook Page

Would you look at those delicious ice gems? I used to shove them all in my mouth when I was young. I wonder if this lady is going to shampoo after sweetening her hair (pun intended).

Image: Jayden Tan Facebook Page

Cheese rings, Mamee Monster and milk candies??? Gimme those!

Image: Jayden Tan Facebook Page

Are those Biscuit Piring Wafers??? I can already smell the flavors from my screen!

Image: Jayden Tan Facebook Page

What’s that, sunny side up, luncheon mee, chicken, Milo and noodles? Nostalgia overload! Suddenly I can feel all my Primary and Secondary School years rolling by.

This is apparently Jayden Tan’s second attempt to relive the past with this character known as “Char Bor”.

Last year, he did something less dramatic, like this.

Image: Jayden Tan Facebook Page

Okay, still a little drama-mama, but anyways.

If you want to check out more of such creative and artistic works, you can head on down to Jayden Tan’s Facebook Page.

One can only wonder what he’s up to next year.

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