Pregnant Woman Jumped To Her Death After Hospital in China Denied Her C-Section

This news came out a couple of days ago.

But the exact incident happened just last month in August. Trust me, you won’t like what you’re about to read.

A brief summary

Ms Ma Rongrong, a 26-year-old pregnant lady, went to a hospital in Yulin on 31 August with unbearable labour pains.

It was reported that she had begged for a C-section to ease this torment. But her requests were repeatedly refused.

Yes, she earnestly pleaded on her knees with that huge tummy.


That led to her jumping five floors from a hospital window to her death.

No words can describe my reaction to this situation. My heart goes out to the family too.

What exactly happened?

According to the hospital, they have previously recommended Ms Ma to undergo a cesarean instead because her baby’s head was too big, and vaginal delivery would come as risky.

However, it was Ms Ma’s husband and family whom insisted on natural birth as they thought it would be better for the child.

The hospital even posted Ms Ma’s surgery log on its official social media account, showing that the family had indeed denied her requests.

Furthermore, Ms Ma had previously signed an authorization, granting her husband to make medical decisions on her behalf. And I hereby quote that the hospital therefore “had no right to change the delivery method without (his) consent”.

However, according to Mr Feng Lihua, an expert on medical disputes at Beijing’s Zhongdun Law Firm, the decision should have been made by the person herself under Chinese law.

“It cannot be authorized by other people,” Mr. Feng adds.

As always, blame shifting happens in all disputes.

Ms Ma’s husband, Mr Yan Zhuangzhuang, claimed that he had agreed to his wife’s surgery, but the doctor apparently checked his wife’s condition and said she was going to give birth soon and a cesarean section would be unnecessary.

Public Rage

As though blame-shifting isn’t enough, netizens always want to play a part in the commentary.

Fine, I get it. Freedom of speech.

Here’s what is said:

“The hospital wants to limit C-sections and the families don’t want to spend money.”

“This type of system and this type of family produced this type of tragedy.”

Hmm. When tragedies struck, it is easy to sit behind a screen and mindlessly express a view like those above.

After all, it takes only less than 20 seconds to type a comment like the above. I think even less than 20 seconds.


You get the point. If you don’t have anything pleasant to say, just shush. #PersonalOpinion

But whether it’s true or who’s ultimately to blame, I agree with the official People’s Daily that this episode should serve as a “national wake-up call” for all.

Under a regulation released by the State Council, China’s Cabinet, “doctors can make decisions without consent in emergencies.”

So the hospital was clearly not ready for this emergency and I guess, not in line with the law.

Poor lady, how much pain must she have endured to lose control and claim two dear lives.


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