PSA: Don’t Panic if You Hear a Siren on 15 Sept at 12:05 p.m.

We all should know that on the day after Valentine’s Day, which is on 15 February each year, there would be a siren.

If you’re single, it’s to remind you that you’ve been single for one more year, and if you’re attached, it’s to remind you that you’ve not booked any restaurant for your SO.

Okay, not really.

The 15 February siren that we hear every year is to commemorate Singapore’s Total Defence Day, which falls on this day.

On the 15th of February 1942, the British, which Singapore used to be under, surrendered to the Japanese. It is a timely reminder that we should always defend Singapore.

Usually, once the siren is sounded, radio stations will broadcast important messages.

While it’s 2017, when radios have almost become endangered except for drivers, the system still remains unchanged.

This is going to change.

On 15 September, there’s apparently another siren.

Here’s SCDF’s announcement about this.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Civil Defence Force)

Apparently, this relatively unknown PWS (at least according to all the idiots in our office) will occur on the Civil Defence Day, which falls on every 15th of September.

Its objective is to raise public awareness on the different types of PWS signals.

But here’s when technology comes into play.

While radio stations will still be boardcasting the message, you can also read the message on the SGSecure app.

Arh…now this is so much more 2017.

So, remember: if you hear a siren this Friday at 12:05 p.m., don’t be alarmed. If possible, download the SGSecure app before the siren, so that should a real emergency occurs, you know what to do.

Do your civil duty and inform your parents and grandparents as well!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Civil Defence Force)