Remember PPAP? He’s Back Again With An Emo Version Of PPAP

Remember this guy?

Image: Youtube/Billy Vesaillus

Remember his hit last year that went absolutely viral?

All with just a pen and an apple? If you’re having a mental block don’t worry, we’ve got your back covered.

Anyway, he’s back, again, but not with a new single.

Instead, he’s back with a soulful rendition of his ‘cult classic’, PPAP.

How do you make it even more hyped? By collaborating with one of Japan’s most famous rock stars, Yoshiki from X Japan!

Stunning, isn’t it? Who knew that this guy could really sing?

In fact, our colleague Boon Hun’s been playing the music over and over again and has made it a point to sing it in our ears every time he stands up.

How did the collaboration come about?

As part of the two-year anniversary of Yoshiki’s official channel on Japanese video platform Niconico Video, good old Piko Taro was invited for an exclusive performance on day 3 of the 8-day long celebration.

They actually combined elements from each of their songs – PPAP by Piko Taro and ‘Forever Love’ by Yoshiki – to form the soulful version entitled ‘Forever PPAP’.

They were pretty happy about the collaboration too, with each artist posting positive vibes on their social media accounts.

Last night.. Thank you! #ForeverLove #Xjapan X #ppap @pikotaro_ppap_official #YoshikiChannel

A post shared by Yoshiki (@yoshikiofficial) on


A post shared by ピコ太郎(PIKOTARO) (@pikotaro_ppap_official) on

Image: Pikotaro Twitter Page

Well if Mr PPAP is happy, everyone’s happy.


The original song was really upbeat and funky, so I was really surprised when I saw Piko Taro with his game face on and channelling his inner Bruno Mars.

But it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. He sounded really soulful and it fit the accompaniment perfectly.

Who knows, Piko Taro’s next single might just be something unconventional, something that strikes deep into our hearts.

We’ll be waiting, Mr Pen Pineapple Apple Pen!

Oh, and just to add some trivia: Mr Piko Taro married his swimsuit model girlfriend just last month.

And I’m telling you; she’s an absolute stunner.

Image: TODAYonline

Unfortunately, we can’t show any solo pics of the model because firstly, we’re trying very hard to be a family-friendly website, and secondly, we don’t wanna be responsible for the rampant nose bleeding you’re going to get.

So just google ‘Hitomi Yasueda’ yourself alright?

Anyway, yeah, I think Piko Taro has shown us that however ‘weird’ your dress sense is, you can still get a hot wife with the right steps.

So embrace your flamboyance, flaunt that character and launch a viral Youtube hit; and you’re all set!

I still got to get myself some of that Japanese calculators.

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Featured Image: Youtube/Billy Vesaillus

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