Song Joong Ki Revealed the Love Story Behind His Sudden Marriage

On 4 July 2017, many people all over the world suddenly 失恋 when Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo informed the world that they were getting married.

That is the second shocking news from an ex-Running Man member—it seems like in order to marry, you need to quit Running Man, and your marriage must be sudden.

With all rumours of their romance being denied for almost a year, does it mean that every rumour out there is true?


Song Joong Ki did not reveal much about the rumours, but he has opened up about the romance that led to the wedding.

In a letter published in his fan page (Song Joong Ki, despite being young, isn’t exactly savvy in social media for some reason), he revealed that it was the filming of Descendants Of The Sun that brought them together.

With the drama being filmed in 2015, that meant the romance has lasted for about slightly more than a year.

A close friend of them said that they started dating before the show aired on TV, and they had stayed as close friends for a while before Song Hye Kyo accepted Song Joong Ki.

That means it could be somewhere around early 2016 or late 2015 that the Song-Song couple became a reality.

Of course, you can also say that that close friend could well be their most trusted friend. I mean, in the sudden Gary Kang’s marriage, no one except Gary (and his wife, of course) knew about his marriage.

Apparently, the decision to get married was made early this year; they made a promise that they would spend the rest of their lives together in early 2017. That was also when Song Joong Ki bought an atas house in a posh neighbourhood, which is rumoured to be their “BTO”.

So, why reveal this news now?

While the key reason mentioned earlier is that they wanted their families to meet each other first, there’s a secondary reason: Song Joong Ki is currently promoting his new film, The Battleship Island, and was afraid that the news would somehow damage the film’s box office.

And by the way, if you’d have remembered, Song Joong Ki craved the words “Joong Ki (hearts) Kwang Soo” on a stone when he was filming in Greece. Lee Kwang Soo has remained a close friend with Song Joong Ki ever since they knew each other during the Running Man days.

In a typical Running Man style, Lee Kwang Soo posted on Instagram about the stone and asked, “So then what was all this?”



A post shared by 이광수 (@masijacoke850714) on

Come to think of it, with them so close, it must be hard for that giraffe to keep the secret to himself for so long.

After all, it’s mentioned that close friends do know about the Song-Song couple long, long ago.

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