Soon, You Can Reply Privately to a Person in a WhatsApp Group Chat

WhatsApp group chats… where do we even begin?

Personally, I’m not a fan of group chats. The never-ending messages that pop up on my locked screen gets my heart pumping pass a normal rate.

Yes, there’s an option to turn off notifications but we can’t stop the ‘number’ from increasing like this:


Probably because I’m the sort that needs to ‘clear’ those numbers and make it ‘clean’ on my homepage. You can almost never find my phone with this screen:


I apologize for my OCD but I’m speaking on behalf of my clan who, too, can’t stand this ‘mess’.

Anyhow, apart from the incoming messages that messes up my home screen, there’s another headache some of us deal with – not wanting to reply to the whole group so you have to personally message the person.

But fret no more, because WhatsApp is working on a new feature that allows us to reply privately. With that said, you will be able to reply to a particular person’s message without anybody except the intended person you’re messaging being able to see what you’ve typed.

Wow, that’s a handful to process. Here’s how it looks like when you tap and hold on a message:


I believe what most of us can do now is to ‘Reply’ to a particular person’s message but then everyone in the chat sees it. In other words, it’s not exclusive.

With this new feature, it will be useful for many! No longer do we have to exit the screen to personally text the person. Good news for many.

But with goods news, comes the bad: It’s unclear when the feature will be rolled out worldwide.

For now, we will be contented with watching YouTube videos on WhatsApp while waiting for the other new features to arrive.

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