S’pore Kindness Movement Defends Students Studying in Starbucks & Even Sponsored It

I thought the vote is unanimous here: students shouldn’t study in Starbucks because of two key reasons.

  • Starbucks won’t be able to make money and our favourite chain might close down
  • Other patrons wouldn’t be able to find a seat

It seems like I was wrong.

Singapore Kindness Movement, a non-profit organization that encourages cultivating kindness and graciousness in Singapore, published a response to the viral story of the strawberry who posted a complaint after she was “chased out” by Starbucks for studying in an outlet.

And if you think they were focusing on how to be kind and gracious, you’re wrong.

In the commentary posted in their online newsletter, the writer put in an “unpopular opinion” (which was agreed by him as well): “students like her have every right to study in Starbucks.”

Image: pride.kindness.sg

His argument is that there are other users hogging the seats as well: insurance agents talking to their clients for hours, freelancers using the café as a mobile office and even people who spent hours chit-chatting.

He then put this as his conclusion: “The inconvenience created by these groups are no different from inconvenience caused by extra hardworking students.”

Students were singled out for hogging the seat, and he felt that it was unfair.


Everyone is entitled to their opinions, so it’s perfectly fine. If I were a student, I might argue as well, although I’m pretty sure my lecturer would scold me for using a straw, man (hehe).

But this isn’t just that. This post was apparently a sponsored post: this means it’s paid to show to more people in Facebook.

I’ll be the first to say that Facebook does suggest what posts to sponsor, and they’ve always suggested the most engaging one.

So this could be why they’ve sponsored it, and not because they think more people need to know about this.

But as you can already imagine, the responses aren’t exactly…kind.

Now, before you say that I’m not kind, here’s my kind take: people weren’t angry at the strawberry studying in Starbucks. People were angry at her sense of self-entitlement: she complained when she’s being told nicely not to study in Starbucks.

People were angry that she thought the earth spins because of her.

And don’t take it from me. See, people agreed.

Oh, by the way, I’m doing the same work as my colleagues, and our hours are exactly the same; Why is my pay is lower? Why does the boss single me out? That’s so unfair.

I’m so going to grab a straw, man.

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*All images from Facebook (Singapore Kindness Movement)