S’pore Teacher Suddenly Did a Dab in Class & The Students All Went Crazy

It’s hard being a teacher in Singapore nowadays, isn’t it?

Going too tough on the students and you’ll have helicopter parents complaining on you, while going too soft on the students and you’ll lose your authority.

Well, you can do what this teacher does then: be BFF with the students.

While there is no indication that this is a school from Singapore, the English accent used is uniquely Singapore and Malaysia. Teachers in Malaysia would have to wear a name-tag, so without a name-tag, I would go on to presume that this is a Singapore teacher.

So, what did he do?

At first, he just showed a textbook that’s heavy.

Then a paper that is light.

Then he placed them together…and drop it.

Pretty sure we’re looking at the law of physics.

This pose is enough to make students think that this is one heck of a teacher.

And then…he did this.

The students screamed like Justin Bieber had just entered the classroom.

Check out the full video here:

Here, I’ve made him into a gif for you to enjoy this moment that we all didn’t have during our school days.

The video, shared on a Facebook Page that doesn’t look local at all, has garnered well over 4.3K Shares and close to 191K views. And looking at the comments and Shares, most of them aren’t from Singapore.

I don’t know about you, but if you watch the video in its entirety, do you see how happy the teacher is after the dab?

Oh. Wait. It’s confirmed.

Singapore has a dab teacher.

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*All Images from Facebook (Edgy English Memes For Angsty Teens Who Have A Slight Disliking Of Plebs)