There Are Circles in This Pic. You Won’t Be Able to Unsee Them Once You’ve Seen Them

Ladies and gentlemen, suspend your judgement and take a look at this image.


Did you see a wallpaper that seems pixelated, almost like the background of a Sega Mega Drive game you’ve played in the 90s?

What if I tell you that if you look deeper, there are apparently circles in it, and once you see it, you won’t be able to unsee it?

Here, take a look again. Give yourself just a few seconds.


Here are the locations of the circles.

Uploaded by i124nk8 in Reddit about a month ago, this simple image has garnered well over 1.8K comments in the board and 43.6K up-votes, making it one of the most viral images on the Internet recently.

But this isn’t new: it’s actually a finalist in the 2006 Best Illusion of the Year contest (I’m sure you’re just as surprised as me: there’s apparently a contest for that!?).

Created by Anthony Norcia, the official name of this illusion is Coffer Illusion. Interestingly, Coffer is an actual term to describe a sunken panel.

This isn’t new, though it got popular only recently; according to the creator, when he first showed it to 100 people, the average time to see the circles was 45 seconds.

In other words, if you’re able to find the circles in less than 45 seconds, you’re better than most of us.


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