There’s a Snake Cafe in Tokyo. Seriously.

If the idea of going into a cat cafe is too boring for you, try this snake cafe in Tokyo. Dangerous, mysterious and a little exciting, this cafe offers customers a chance to get up close and personal with snakes.

Yes, here’s your chance to brag about how cool you are. While everyone is going cat and dog cafes, you’re here touching snakes. 

Tokyo Snake Center 


Located in the young fashion district of Harajuku, this cafe has pulled in a lot of teenagers since its opening in August 2015. Known as the Tokyo Snake Center, this cafe houses 35 non-venomous snakes, which are known as ‘attendants’. How do they work? Well, customers get to enjoy a range of coffees while picking their favourite snake to play with. 

The snakes are kept inside glass boxes but staff allow customers to get them out once during each session for a cuddle. Cuddle! Imagine cuddling with a snake. Now you’re a snake cuddler. Brilliant! 


Want to know how it feels like? Here, let me guide you through the cafe. As you enter, you’ll find a dozen colourful snakes in clear Perspex cases at the door. These are the “attendant” snakes and you get to choose from to have as your table companion. Now you’re standing in awe at the collection of snakes they have. No worries, they are friendly harmless creatures. You’ll be fine. 

The waiter then gives you a quick lesson in snake etiquette and cafe rules (available in Japanese and English) and leads you to your table. You then proceed to get a milk snake to go with your iced coffee and cake, enjoying its company for the rest of your time in the cafe. 

Doesn’t it sound wonderful? For all the snake lovers out there, the cafe even sells snake-themed goods, including fake snake-skin ties, and snake-skin charms. Aye, now you’re ready to make HISS-tory, you snake cuddler. 

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