There’s an Escape Room RPG Here in S’pore Whereby 1 of Your Friends is The Murderer

I can resonate with the word ‘murderer’ very well.

No lah, don’t get me wrong. I used to play a game called ‘Murderer & Detectives’.

You know the sort where you gather in a circle during school camps holding hands behind your backs? (A good excuse to sit beside your crush) #justsaying


Then someone is appointed the murderer and he/she will start “killing people” with their hand squeezes? If you get only one hand squeeze from one person, you’re “dead” and out of the game.

I’m so bad at explaining but I think people my age know that game. Right? Please say yes.

Anyway, there’s a proper place in Singapore where you can relive your evil desires.

And it’s more than just ‘Murderer & Detectives’.

In Comes Xcape, the Escape Room RPG That Makes Being a Cloud Strife a Reality


Xcape is not your usual escape room game where you usually have to work together in a team to solve the mystery.

5 players take on the roles of suspects (based on the game theme) and 1 member will be designated the role of the culprit or ‘murderer’.

Only the murderer is allowed to lie.

There’s even 200+ costumes and accessories that you can use to play dress-up.

I’m actually more interested in the apparels. Can take for Instagram mah.

Here’s an example of a game concept.

Shanghai: 1943

Travel on a time machine back to 1943. You will find yourself in a nightclub in Shanghai called ‘Paramount’.

Paramount’s top singer, Red Rose, has died in her dressing room and these people are suspects: A wealthy nightclub owner, army marshal, another singer named White Rose, a reporter and a servant.

Whatever role you play, everyone is acquainted with Red Rose in some way.

For those who prefers to be appealed to visually, here’s their trailer:

Summing it up

Shanghai 1943 has an area and duration twice the amount of a regular game. For a 2.5 hours game, it will cost you S$48 (per pax).

Xcape recommends 6 to 7 people for the game, minimum 5 and maximum 10.

You can book your slot online!

If you’re not so into Shanghai, fret not for there are also other game concepts like CIA Crisis which is back by popular demand.

Check them out on their Facebook page for the latest updates. I’ll catch you there. 😉

And oh, even if you’re not there to find a murderer…you can also visit the place for your next Instagram picture #justsaying

Address: Bugis Village, 152B (level 3), 160A (level 2), and 158B (level 3) Rochor Road, Singapore 188435
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 11am to 11.30pm

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