This Auntie-looking Bag You Can Buy from Pasar Malam is Over $600 Elsewhere

Fashion these days seem to come from every other corner. This time round, we find that a bag you’ll find an auntie using to store her things while she shops around a pasar malam making waves in the fashion world.

Well, it’s not exactly a new thing, but when you see the bag, you’ll know what I mean and probably fume too!

Get your anxiety-attack squeeze balls ready, as you’ve really got to brace yourself for this.

You remember this bag?


Ya. This bag. It’s retailing for S$600 you know.

The same one people use to load fruits, veggies and kueh in the pasar malam.

Here, this is the one we’re more familiar with.


Only thing is, these Marni Charity Baskets (which we have to admit is pretty colourful and pretty) were part of the Spring/Summer Collection during the Art Basel.

The bags are woven by hand in Colombia, and was a joint venture between the Italian brand as the farmers and artisans for a charity project. The money obtained from the sales of the upgraded auntie bags were to be donated to the Vimala Association in India, a body that was seeking funds to maintain and restore their school-house for children that are disabled.

Hmm… There is a touch of goodness to what they’re doing though. And although the price is ridiculously high (I can’t imagine paying that much for a pasar malam bag), its cause to the needy is definitely a spur to get people to want to purchase it in the first place.

The bag is made out of material that is 90% polyester and 10% bovine. Its geometric pattern is nice (but then, it’s the SAME pattern on the bags the aunties carry here, so no big deal, really!) , and its colour varies from the type of the bags.


Here also can get, unlimited editions.

This isn’t the first case of market bags being “copied”, though.

Balenciaga also had a series of huge bags that came out last year which caused an outcry in Thailand, as it’s so, SO similar to their traditional market bags.

Image: indigital

I mean, see for yourself; bag-to-bag comparison this time!

Image: World of Buzz

The claims by the locals there, though, were killed off by the Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property. According to them, it’s highly unlikely that anyone could sue Balenciaga for copying them, as both the shapes and even material is different.

Although the design seemed very similar, they could not be deemed as copies.

In Thailand, the bag is called the Rainbow bag. It’s been used there for apparently a very long time. For it to be considered a copy with the fashion runway bag, it would have had to be similar in every aspect – colour, shape, material and pattern.

We wonder what other pasar malam design are we going to see in the fashion runways next time. Our famous Japanese slippers, perhaps?

Oh, what I’d give to see that one!

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