Uber: All Defective Cars Fixed. LTA: 9% Defective Cars Fixed. Wut?

Wut, indeed.

So yesterday, everyone was talking about the Uber Vezel issue. If you’ve some time to spare, here are 11 facts about this saga.

If not, here’s a concise breakdown of what happened:

  • Uber bought cars (Vezels) to rent out to drivers in Singapore
  • Vezels were supposed to be recalled for a faulty part that could cause fire
  • The dealer (an parallel importer) did not have the parts to do the recall yet
  • Uber continued to rent the Vezels despite knowing the risk
  • This year January, a Vezel caught fire
  • Wall Street Journal published an investigative article about this
  • As of last known, Uber allegedly said all Vezels have been fixed

Okay, so it’s just another PR disaster for Uber to handle, and we consumers just read with a bucket of popcorn (and maybe opt for Grab instead of Uber)?

Then it’s reported that only 9% of the faulty Vezels were fixed. And that came from LTA.

The authority’s records are based on the latest information provided by importers and dealers. That means that the importers and dealers would have to inform LTA should these cars be fixed.

Now, what’s this? Another “snafu”?

In Singapore, there are about 11,000 Vezels, with only 25% being retified.

Here’s the thing: it’s not illegal per se to drive a car that is affected by a recall. But of course, we’re talking about a killing machine, so it’s just morally right to make sure it’s at its tip-top condition, or at least in a condition that won’t compromise safety.

Uber hasn’t responded to this latest revelation, and well, Lion City Rentals is still posting stuff on their Facebook Page, with interestingly no comments on their posts about this latest “Uber saga”.

Guess it’s weekend and everyone is having a good rest.

Except perhaps Grab, who might be having a good laugh.

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