Verdict for The TPY Couple Out: They’re Both Fined a Total of $2.7K

Remember what happened on 23 April 2017?

A young couple, whom we later realized that they aren’t that young, bullied an elderly at a Toa Payoh hawker centre.

Someone filmed it, uploaded it online and they became superstars overnight.

Today, it’s reported that for the ruckus, they’re fined a totality of $2,700.

The wife, who berated the elderly, was fined $1,200 for using abusive words on him.

The husband was fined $1,500 for banging into the elderly, which is considered “using criminal force” on the poor old man.

A Recap of What Happened

The original clip, initially uploaded by Facebook Page Thelocalsociety, has, for some reason, being removed, but last we know, it garnered well over 2.4 million views.

Here’s the clip uploaded by another user in YouTube.

After some CSI which in which netizens identified the wrong person initially, it was revealed that the couple is married and runs a tuition centre, with the wife being a tutor and the husband the director.

They were then arrested two days later after public outrage, with almost everyone condemning the couple’s actions.

The maximum sentence for the wife could have been six months’ imprisonment and a fine of $5,000, and for the husband it could have been three months’ imprisonment and a fine of $1,500.

Guess justice has been served, and there’s at least some closure.

Just some, because I’m pretty sure some people won’t be happy with the ending.

Because $2,700 could be, you know, just small change to the couple, no?

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