We Have to 拜年 in the Rain as Thundery Showers Expected in the Next Few Days

Having slogged the early weeks of January and February away, there’s only one thing sustaining us.

The lunar new year festive period.

And lest you’re unaware, the wait’s nearly over, with just two days left to Lunar New Year’s Eve!

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Apart from representing an exceptionally long weekend, it also allows us to indulge in all the snacks we want without someone at the side saying, “Hey, that’s gonna make you fat!” 

And of course, the red packets are but a bonus. A highly-anticipated bonus, that is.

But it seems that our festivities this year might be slightly marred, in the sense that it might get a little…


And crackling.

Thundery showers

According to Channel News Asia, the Meterological Service of Singapore has forecast rainy weather for the next four days from 13 Feb to 16 Feb.

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An afternoon shower is forecast on Tuesday (13 Feb), with wind speed of up to 25 km/h. afternoon showers with thunder are expected from Wednesday to Friday.

But hey, it’s not all gloom and whatnot, as cooler temperatures are expected over the same four day period with temperatures ranging between 23 degrees Celsius and 33 degree Celsius over Tuesday and Wednesday, and between 24 degrees Celsius and 34 degree Celsius on Thursday.

Monsoon surge

Much like the previous Monsoon surge, which caused temperatures in Singapore to dip as low as 21 degrees Celsius, this latest development can be attributed to one as well, although it’s significantly weaker this time round.

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On 1 Feb, the Met service mentioned in its last fortnightly forecast that a weak monsoon surge could “affect the South China Sea and the surrounding region in the early part of February”.

“Short-duration thundery showers are expected in the afternoon on three to five days … The surge is expected to bring windy conditions with passing showers and cooler temperatures to Singapore on a few days,” the forecast said.

However, a high rainfall isn’t expected, so floods are probably not gonna be as rampant, as compared to previous scenarios.

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So you know what to do

If you’re heading out in the afternoon for some friendly house visiting, do remember to prep a handy umbrella for those thundery showers. 

Unless, of course, you have a car to ferry you around. In that case, you shiok lo.

But if not, you’re best advised to either have an umbrella with you, or just not head out at all.

Because if you think about it, the weather’s gonna be so cool.

In other words, the perfect weather to sleep in. 

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