S’pore ‘Winter’ Supposedly Coming to an End Today (15 Jan), But It’s Still Raining


I remember waking up at the peak of dawn today, feeling even groggier than usual. And that’s saying something, seeing how I once reached for the toilet brush to clean my teeth.

Fortunately, no such thing happened today. However, unfortunately, something else happened.

I found myself freezing. Literally freezing. For a moment I was seriously contemplating whether I had somehow traversed to Genting Highlands in my sleep. It was that cold. And shower time didn’t help either. Every piece of clothing off my skin felt like someone pricking 100 cold hard needles into my bare body.

Sheer torture.

In fact, it got so tough I had to channel my inner Elsa.

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And then an earth-shattering thought came to me.

Wasn’t the great cold supposed to end… yesterday (14 January)?

So why… is it still so goddamn cold?

The Great Singapore Cold (GSC)

A while back, the National Environment Agency made a startling prediction:

The weather from 11-14 Jan will be cold. Really cold.

Image: NEA

And as it turns out, NEA was right on the mark. In fact, temperatures actually hit 21.2 degrees Celsius in certain parts of Singapore, just yesterday morning (14 Jan)! That’s the lowest recorded temperature in the country since 2016!


Monsoon surge

This recent cold spate of events can actually be attributed to one thing:

A monsoon surge.

Currently affecting the South China Sea and the surrounding region, the surge affected the temperatures of the last few days. NEA forecast this then: “overcast and windy conditions with periods of moderate to heavy rain, at times with thunder, are expected over Singapore for today and the next few days.”


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The next four days

Cold, hangry and cold, I came out of the shower butt naked, plopped my ass onto the chair and opened my computer.

“Shouldn’t the great cold have ended by yesterday…?” I asked, teeth rattling harder than a rattlesnake in heat. “Let me check the 4 day outlook…”

Curious and yet at the same time hesitant, I clicked on it.

Image: nea.gov.sg

Well… it doesn’t seem so bad, guys. At the very least, there’s no min. projected temperature of 22 degrees Celsius here.

Additionally, NEA has released an update on the weather forecast.

Image: NEA


#SGWeather At around 5am this morning, Admiralty and Jurong West recorded a temperature of 21.2°C, the lowest temperature recorded so far this year and since 2016. The lowest temperatures recorded at other locations this morning ranged from 21.3°C to 22.2°C.

Over these past few days of rainy weather from a monsoon surge, the highest temperature recorded was 26.4°C at Jurong Island on 11 Jan, and the highest daily total rainfall was 47.0mm at Loyang on 13 Jan. This rainfall is not considered high for a monsoon surge event; in the last five years, the highest daily total rainfall from a monsoon surge in January was 134.8mm (at Changi) in 2013.

The rainy weather has eased this morning with the gradual weakening of the monsoon surge in the South China Sea. The rest of today is forecast to be cloudy. For the next few days, the lowest temperature is expected to range between 23°C and 24°C, and a dip to below 22°C is not likely.


It is coming to an end after all

As you can see, the monsoon surge, that has so kindly given Singapore it’s own exclusive ‘Winter’ season, is finally fading off.

Which means that temperatures should revert to normal after sometime.

Now, that might be bad news to all you cold-loving fanatics, who probably even bought some brand new winter wear to tide over the ‘season’.

Well guess what? I’m on the same ship as you guys.

I might complain non-stop about the cold, but let’s face it. The cold’s still better than the alternative.


The damn heat.

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